Heading Out

After a long day of climbing, the last thing you want to do is walk a mile or two uphill, but it makes the food after that much better.

Pleasant Overhangs

Bruce looking very pleased after the traverse pitch on one of my favorite Seneca climbs, Pleasant Overhangs.

First Seneca Climb

Rebecca and I decided to climb the Green Wall  for our first Seneca Climb. A 5.7 sounded like a nice easy way to get into Seneca - it ended up being not as casual as I'd like to admit. Anyways, we made it to the top ... and back down. Here is a gif Google Photos made of Rebecca coiling the rope.

Seal Rock

We were in Boulder, CO one day, and we decided that we should climb one of the iconic Flatirons. Many were closed due to Raptor Nesting, so we chose to climb the East Face North Side of Seal Rock, rated at a cool 5.4. I noticed that the Flatirons were very popular for soloing, but I had trouble understanding why.

Soon enough, I found myself doing 50 feet run-outs, and putting gear in because "I probably should". At parts, I was literally jogging along the rock. God forbid, I'd be seen with a generous double-rack on this climb.

Nonetheless, we fully (& well protected) enjoyed the 4 pitches of Seal Rock w/ great views of Boulder, CO.

We made it to the ground just in time to meet up with our friends for lunch.

The rappel might have been scarier than the climb.