Rebecca and I recently relocated to Denver - the sunsets are very colorful here.


Last November, I went to climb Pleasant Overhangs at Seneca with the perfect group of 3. The weather forecast for the afternoon didn't look too good. My excitement got the better of me, and we went for it anyways. At 2PM as I was about to start pitch 3, it started POURING - just as the forecasts had predicted. I had the wettest rappel of my life.

It's starting to rain, but we're still protected by the especially pleasant overhang.

I regret nothing.

Birdsboro Quarry

Baltimore is perhaps not the best place to be for sport climbing. For a 2 hour drive, you can get to Birdsboro Quarry. The area is actually fairly well developed with nice little benches you can sit on. Its blasted walls sometimes still shed rock - careful.

The area has tons of short & sweet sport routes, and some longer ones if you like to do 5.11+.

Jenga is a fun one to get on.

Rock Climbing with the Internet

This photo was taken at the trailhead of First Creek Canyon at Red Rock. Despite having a guide book and the wealth of information available on Mountain Project, we mistakenly started climbing an unestablished route.

We were supposed to be on a 3 star climb, but as I climbed higher, the route began to deviate from expectations. Protection became uncomfortably sparse, and the rock became soft & fragile. Thankfully, we were able to climb out to safety, however, I will never forget the feeling of being run out on questionable protection placed in soft sandstone.

This experience made me realize that I take my access to well established, "starred" climbing routes for granted. We've been able to take much of the original adventure out of rock climbing by sharing tons of information on the internet. For example, on Mountain Project, I can see what hundreds of other people have said about potential routes I'm considering. I can see pictures, comments, and even reviews of climbing routes. Mountain Project can often contain enough pictures to make route-finding a non-issue. Using information available online, I'm able to carefully curate my climbing experience and minimize risks by being selective with the routes I climb. I can do my research and know EXACTLY what I'll be climbing... most of the time.