Climbing at Rocks State Park

I live in Maryland which has less than optimal climbing options. However, one of my favorite places to go is Rocks State Park. Not world-class, but its close by and has some good rock. It’s fairly small with MAYBE two dozen or so climbs.

Approach is short, but it can get busy with hikers on weekends. No sport climbing here. However, If trad isn’t your thing, there are some climbs you can set up toprope with 30-60 ft of cord. However, you will have the best experience if you have a rope gun with a rack.

Breakaway Wall

Breakaway Wall is probably my favorite wall there. There are side-by-side climbs ranging from 5.6-5.12 with climbs going up to 80 feet. Below is me setting up anchors at the top of this wall.

Setting up Anchors

This ledge can be found by walking past the King and Queen’s seat perpendicular from the trails, slightly down hill. It will be on the right, but you will have to hop up a short chimney. Once you setup the anchors, I’d recommend rappelling from here. You can scramble down by going downhill a bit more, then going right, but it’s a no-fall scramble.

Make sure you climb Vertical once you’re down there!
Climber on Vertical


Pinnacle is a short spire you will see a bit downhill form the Breakaway Wall anchoring ledge. Peanut Butter (below) was a short but fun climb. At the top are some bolts that can be used to rap. Strawberry Jam is on the other side of the spire.

Me Starting on Peanut Butter